Meet SETCR Ambassador Matt Britton

At the Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies, we’ve been working with Matt Britton, triathlete for Team Wattie Ink for over a year now. He’s been a fantastic ambassador for not only the training center, but also a great advocate for triathletes. 

What is your primary discipline and category and how long have you competed in that?

I compete in all distances of triathlons but prefer the 70.3-140.6 mile races. I was a runner in high school and college, but that was a long time ago.
I got back into running after meeting my wife and competed in my first triathlon in 2013 and was hooked ever since. Even with a decent running background I feel my stronger discipline is cycling, I definitely spend the most time on two wheels. The harder and longer the bike course usually leans in my favor, because I know I can push the pace for the whole time and still be fresh for a run.

What are your biggest sport accomplishments?

  • 2015 Ironman Boulder 2nd in 30-34 age division
  • 2015 Ironman World Championship Finisher
  • 2016 106 Degree West Triathlon 70.3 3rd Overall Male.

How did you find your primary discipline?

I used to race motocross and was hurt when I was going into 11th grade and couldn’t play football so  I started a cross country team and found out I was a decent runner, with a little hard work I was able to make it to state and get a track and cross country scholarship to run in college at a small school in Kansas.

How long have you been working out at SETCR and how has it helped you accomplish your goals?

I have been working out at SETCR for over a year now. I try to hit 2 sessions a week, being a father, husband, and full time worker my time is crucial and I can’t afford to waste time on training that I am not getting stronger. SETCR allows me to get in and get out and get a key workout in usually before the sun or my competitors are even awake!!! It allows me to chase my goals while not sacrificing time away from my family.

What do you like most about SETCR?

The workouts are built by Zack Allison and he has created some gnarly intervals in each 75 min workout. My favorite thing is that there is nowhere to hide and you either do the interval or fail and I love that!

What is your top 2017 goal?

I am racing Ironman Boulder and Ironman Arizona with hopes of qualifying for the IM World Championships again but beyond that I partnered with the Micheal J. Fox Foundation in order to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease Research. My father has had this disease for over a decade and it is a brutal neurological and physical disease. Study’s show that he got this disease from where he was stationed in Vietnam. As a vet, my dad, and one of the most honorable man I know I want to raise money and race in his honor. Here’s the link to my fundraiser.

What are the top questions people ask you about SETCR?

Majority of people want to know where it is located and the times of the classes. I try to convey that this is the ultimate place to get in quality trainer sessions any time of the day or when the weather is bad. The proof is in the results.

What do you do for work outside of cycling?

I work for a hospital and am a registered MRI Technologist and perform MRI Scans.

What Team are you racing for in 2017?

I will be racing for Team Wattie Ink. It is an amateur Elite Triathlon Team. We have 100 teammates all over the US. This is my 2nd year with them and they make the sickest race kits around! Check out my blog. 
Thanks Matt Britton! We’re looking forward to seeing how Ironman Boulder and Arizona go for you! 
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