Meet SE Sponsored Team: Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team

Team name: Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team (formally Scout Cycling Team). Road Category 1 / 2.

How long has the team been around? 
This will be Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team’s 3rd season racing in the 1 / 2 field.
What is your relationship with SE and SETCR?
With Zack Allison as our team coach, he brings an array of knowledge and expertise to help guide the team to be successful. From dialing in training plans to team tactics, Zack and SE has us prepared for success come race day.
The team also relies heavily on utilizing Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies for when we have inclement weather along the Front Range here in Colorado. Getting to race with Zack at local races is always a bonus too.
What was the team’s biggest accomplishments last year? 
In 2016 season team rider, Owen Hatcher, won the season-long Rocky Mountain Road Cup overall title. The team took dozens of podiums along with a fourth place in the team classification for the Rocky Mountain Road Cup.
What’s the big goal for the 2017 season?
For 2017 the goal will be to go after the overall title in the team classification for the Rocky Mountain Road Cup while continuing to achieve greater success in the competitive landscape of the domestic elite racing.
What questions do people ask you the most about SE?
The question we receive most frequently is how to balance training when work – life get in the way. Zack and SE strategically write training plans that monitor training stress and accommodate busy schedules while fitting the demands required to race your discipline.
What types of jobs do your team members have outside of cycling?
We have a pilot, a production technician, a couple of engineers, regional sales manager, music program event manager, a couple of retail managers, a public relations manager, GIS Manager and a full time Graduate student.
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