Meet SE Ambassador Chris DeMarchi

Chris DeMarchi Ironman Augusta
Chris DeMarchi is a successful Pro/1  road racer for Monster Media Racing. He is also a successful triathlete! We talked to him a bit about racing and cycling in general.

How long have you raced in that discipline? Racing/riding in general?

Been racing 25 years.  Seems like all my life

Bonk Breaker Finish Line

 What do you like the most about Source Endurance’s coaching service?

Source Endurance is very professional and drills it down to the raw numbers.  Put in the work, stay true to the numbers and you will improve.

What are your biggest bike accomplishments?

7 time national champion, 7th place world championships, 3 time RAAM 4 man team winner

 What’s your top 2017 goal?

Win the overall at TOAD!!

What are the top questions people ask you about Source Endurance?

Are they knowledgeable, do they have experience.

What you do for work outside of cycling?

I own a window cleaning business for 15 years now.


Thanks, Chris! We’ll be anxiously awaiting your success at TOAD this year!