Lori McCarty ups gravel skills at the BWR Survival Camp

From Lori: Incredible. Source Endurance knows how to do camp. My 1st time in California and I rode alongside my favorite cycling celebs, we even squished in vans together. The coaches were open, resourceful and encouraging. They looked out for us and offered advice and humor along the way. The different group options made it easier for me to ride, take in the views and handle the descents at my pace.

Canyon went above and beyond. They allowed me to demo an Endurace. While, I do not consider myself a roadie anymore, this little road bike and I RELEARNED pavement together. I am impressed, from the rough mtb sections to double peaks, mesa grande and all the descents down, it can do it all. Thanks for all the rides Canyon. Velofix, is a trooper, Paul had everything I needed whether, it was encouragements up the hills as he drove past or instilling confidence in me with my tires, he took the time and I appreciate it.

Camp simply had it all, good food, new friends, amazing swag bags, massages, clean bikes and great photos! So glad I made the decision to go, I needed the pavement and course recon. I definitely have more respect for the event and all of its wonderful people that help make it all happen. Thanks SE!

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Sunday-76 - Lori M