Jorge R. Martinez podiums at the 787 Racing 3-Hour MTB Race in Texas

SE athlete Jorge R. Martinez recently podiumed at the 787 Racing 3rd Annual 3&6 Hour MTB Race out in Reamer’s Ranch in Dripping Springs, TX, where he competed in the Master’s 40+ 3-hour race. We asked him about his success there:
What was the course like? 
95% Single track, technical, rocky and flowy with twisty bits through the trees.
How’d the race go down for you?
Better than expected. I started with conservative pace, calm and focus on technical sections. I slowly started to pick up riders one by one. The back section of course was flowy and windy. I kept a sustainable pace and made time for slow technical sections. Over all it was 4 laps and I finished 3rd place.
Which coach do you work with and how did your training help you prepare for the event?
I work with Coach Adam Mills. Consistent training paid off. I am currently on the offseason from cyclocross. This race was a last-minute decision so basic consistent training allowed for solid base training.
What advice do you have for someone up and coming in your cycling discipline?  
Structured training with a coach works. Stay consistent and work on you core.
What is your next event?  
Nothing yet fix on the calendar but a few more MTB and Road races are penciled in.
Nice work, Jorge! Enjoy the rest of your off-season and we look forward to seeing what you do next!
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