Dylan Zakrajsek comes back from bad crash to win his first race back!

Dylan Zakrajsek

Over the course of the past few weeks I have continued to train and do more recovery from my hard crash back in February. This past weekend I did my first race since the crash and man was that fun, and I won! Being able to get back in-between the tape and shake some of the cobwebs off was super fun, and a big motivation booster.

I have continued to take these COVID months and use them to explore some other disciplines. I got a mountain bike a few months ago and have really enjoyed having something other to do then just the road or cyclocross bike. Here in WI it has been extremely windy and a bit chilly, so being able to get into the woods and out of the harsh wind has been super helpful.

A tip I would give is to use everything at your disposal. So if the road weather isn't to great, but the trails are nice, and you have a MTB, then go out and have some fun. Remember why you are doing this and choose the option that is best for you.

Dylan Zakrajsek

Dylan and Coach Matt Hill have been working together to find that balance.

I work with Matt Hill, He has really been able to help me with keeping it fun and keeping training going through a variety of ways. I recently got a mountain bike and, I wanted to implement more trail riding into my schedule. So that is what we did, we are able to get in my specific power training when we need it to be done, but there is always room for a little bit of fun on the MTB.

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