Cyclocross: What you should be doing in July to prepare

With our last “what you should be doing to prepare for a successful CX season” teaser, we discussed getting back on the cyclocross bike.  That usually means cleaning it, replacing some worn parts or just buying a new one.
Now it’s July.  Now it’s the meat of the pre-season.  Base season is in full swing and you should probably even be thinking about building to that first brutal workout or training race.  Base season has many paths to success but the overall theme stays the same.  You must add a lot of training load/ training stress to elevate your fitness.  The two general ways to do so are volume and intensity.
Volume:  Just like their road brethren, cyclocross riders do indeed need to train for some serious volume.  45 minutes of full throttle is a LONG time to be in the box.  60 minutes is even longer.  Long training rides will strengthen your aerobic system and let you go faster at the END of the races.
Intensity:  During this base period.  Train the upper limits of your aerobic system.  That means riding hard, but not too hard.  Too hard and you work the anaerobic systems too much.  Sure, you’ll be good off the line and through the first lap and a half, but what about the rest of the race?  Training the aerobic system means riding at that moderately uncomfortable pace for an entire 2-5 hour ride.
Test yourself.  You should probably figure out what your current power ranges and zones are.  Work with your coach or a lab and test yourself to get an accurate baseline measurement.
As in any sport, successful seasons are made in the off-season.  Don’t get behind because in cyclocross, it’s really tough to catch up.
About the author: Adam’s true talent comes with his ability to combine his vast experience with his knowledge of sport. He is indeed a student of science, sport, athletic performance, strategy, and tactics. He continuously educates himself by keeping up to date with current trends and methods in sport and his clients have reaped the benefits from this work with over 13 national championships in 8 disciplines. Adam is able to incorporate these attributes to help his clients reach and exceed their goals whether they are a beginner or a seasoned professional. Learn more about Adam and Source Endurance here.


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