Coach Grant Harrison- A Year in Reflection

In 2016 I returned to my roots both geographically and in discipline by returning to mountain biking and the state to which I consider to my true home, Minnesota. Although I competed much less in 2016 than previous years, I realize the value in paying attention to aspects of my life that mattered the most to me. One of my continuous realizations is that a sound mind and body are essential in creating fulfillment in life and the only way for me to feel fulfilled in sport is if I have achieved optimal balance.

Grant Harrison Cycling Coach

Photo: Andy Butch

One of the things that keeps me balanced is placing a a high importance on thew quality of things I consume on a daily basis. whether it be the food that I eat, the news that I read, or the quality of my environment, I have been working on creating my ideal circumstances so that I may be able to help others achieve the same.
In 2016, I am proud to have helped several athletes reach goals in mountain biking, road, and cyclocross alike.
In 2017 one of my athletic aspirations is to continue to grow towards a more balanced and muscular physique by adding muscle mass while maintaining a low body fat percentage. In addition I will be competing in several long distance mountain bike races and events that continue to challenge my ability in the sport.
As a coach, my goal is to influence more people to take control of their nutrition and help people obtain optimal health and performance in sport through personalized nutrition.
Another goal of mine in 2017 is to begin to coach cross country skiers and become a better cross country skier myself.