Coach Adam Mills A Year in Reflection

We talked with coach and Source Endurance owner about his reflections on 2016 as both a coach and an athlete and what he’s looking forward to in 2017. 

adam mills cycling coach podiumWhat did cycling mean for you in 2016?

I think I was lucky as I moved away from the elite racer side of cycling to more of a coach who enjoys racing. I was able to do it on my own terms and slowly take one step at a time from elite racing. As I did this I got more involved with what my clients were doing and less and less of what I was doing on the bike. Honestly, 2016 was a year of success for me because every client I worked with, who gave it their all, succeeded in meeting and exceeding their goals in 2016.
If I had to think about myself and cycling, I think my biggest success was doing more new things on the bike. Belgian Waffle Ride, Donut Ride, SPNDX Stampede all come to the front of my mind.

Favorite cycling moment (professional, clients, personal) of 2016?

Professionally: Whenever Source Endurance is contacted by a Pro team, or a magazine etc. That just serves to further validate that what we do here is of the highest quality and we are purveyors of knowledge.
Clients: Seeing a client like Connor Brown win his first Best Young Rider jersey at the Cascade Classic was fantastic. There’s a lot that goes into a jersey defense and I think we’ll see more from Connor in 2017.
Personally: Becoming more intertwined with cycling as I meet more and more people out here in Southern California is my favorite part so far.

What are you looking forward to in 2017 as a coach or racer?

As a coach, Source Endurance is positioned to continue to grow and expand into 2017. We’ve got what I think are some of the very best coaches in the USA and if you pair that with a client who’s excited to be challenged, only good things can happen.

Do you have a 2017 coaching goal?

For me, I’d like to continue to keep up with the primary literature while helping athletes meet and exceed their goals. With 2016 being an Olympic year, the academic studies are starting to roll out en masse and we should see some tweaking in the workouts we prescribe.
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