Why I chose Source Endurance for my Nutrition Consultation, By Shadd Smith

I recently contacted Grant Harrison, one of the Source Endurance Senior Consultants, for a nutrition consultation. I wanted to know more about my daily nutrition intake as it related to my racing and training throughout the year. My primary goal was to get down to my optimal race weight for this year’s road season and upcoming cyclocross season. My weight would normally fluctuate around 8 lbs randomly throughout the year. Sometimes my highest weight would come at the worst times. Because I have never really “watched” my weight this fluctuation had not bothered me too much. However, it’s safe to say that my race performance was always better when my weight was on the low side. With that said, I finally made a call into Source Endurance to see if they could help me maintain an efficient weight to meet the demands of my training and racing throughout the year.Shadd Nutrition for Cyclist
After I completed the comprehensive nutrition questionnaire Grant scheduled a call to go over my input. It was mind blowing hearing someone highly educated on the topic tell you exactly what to eat, when to eat it, how much, and why. Equally important I was instructed what foods to avoid and why. He also gave me the inside scoop on what my old eating habits were doing to my weight and athletic health throughout the year.
I told Grant point blank, “I need a cheat sheet of optimal foods to eat, when to eat, and how much.” Because Source Endurance is my coaching outlet Grant has an inside look at my training and racing schedule to make fine-tuned food suggestions exactly when I need it.
I started working with Grant at the beginning of the year to put all of his suggestions into play. It’s now July and I am totally stoked to report that I have been racing and training at the lightest and healthiest weight since I started racing at the elite level over 20 years ago. My weight has only fluctuated +/- 1 lb. since January. I am definitely maintaining a healthier lifestyle, feeling more energetic, and feel like I’m functioning optimally as an athlete. Thanks to Source Endurance and Grant Harrison for opening my eyes to this next level of athletic performance and focused dedication to sport.
– Shadd Smith
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