BWR Survival Camp: Utah offers pro-style lead-in

The Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp p/b Source Endurance in Utah is a fully-supported, pro-style lead-in to event day. The camp runs September 21-26th with the final day of camp being the BWR Utah Race day. How does this work? A common strategy for professional teams is to take a few days leading into a key event or stage race to review pivotal parts of the race. This could be key climbs, pinch points, or similar. This allows riders to have familiarity of the course from a safety and pacing perspective, but also allows them to develop a strategy based on the overall course. If you’re worried about your result or finishing BWR Utah, this camp is designed for you to reach your potential on race day. 

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For example, BWR Utah has several key sections that if unprepared or unlucky, you will lose several minutes. Having that knowledge of where those sections are and even down to which are the best lines to take, can have a huge impact on if you stay with a group or if you get dropped. Breaking down the sections of the course over several days let’s you take it all in section by section to build that familiarity and strategy over time and soak it all in. Riders are then guided by professional Source Endurance coaches and professional riders for a perfect mix of experts to field the questions that pop up as we move through the course each day. 

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Unlike more fitness- focused camps, this one does require riders to come near fully race fit. Luckily the camp entry also includes a Source Endurance training plan. After several days of reviewing the course sections, the camp includes a brief taper going into event day to ensure top form. The BWR Utah entry is included. Getting to put that knowledge into practice immediately on event day will be extremely rewarding when you get to those key sections and fly on through. 


The camp ticket also includes schwag from partners, including a full Source Endurance cycling kit, and most meals. Snag one of those last spots now.