Athlete Key Workout: Team Grip-N-Rip

The end of the month marks a pretty big race in the local Kansas City scene, with the Tour of Kansas City. A few of the Grip-N-Rip riders will be focusing on practicing the Time Trial that finishes up a steep hill. Scouting missions never hurt chances of success and this time trial is no exception.
The purpose of this workout is to establish several things. The first being familiarity with the course itself and the second being to develop a pacing strategy or in this case familiarity with the effort itself. The start of the TT is a fast descent that could really propel a hard effort towards the turnaround point. However, starting too hard could really put a bigger dent than desired for the latter half of the TT and the climb to the top at the end. Either way, riders will have the chance to practice this and fine tune what their effort will be like on race day.

Although this workout will be completed this week and next week before the race, it will be important to give 100% to the workout including ensuring optimal recovery before the workout, as well as a convenient time of the day where traffic is low.
Team members will take the best of their times on the course and note what pacing strategy was implemented. If being on site is not an option this may certainly be done on similar road as a workout, however nothing beats practicing exactly what the effort will be.
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