Athlete Key Workout: Skyler Mackey

Photo Credit-Jeff Corcoran

After finishing up his most successful cyclo-cross (CX) season yet, Skyler Mackey of KCCX has decided to push in all his chips for the 2017-18 CX season.  Once he was able to make this commitment, we set about building a periodization model that will let Skyler hit the ground running in early September in preparation for the early UCI races.  **Photo Credit for both photos: Jeff Corcoran**
The good news is that for any athlete making the 100% dive into CX, they get the added bonus of being square in the middle of the aerobic building/ base phase of training.  It’s great timing really as May tends to be some of the best weather of the year for riding.  
Our coaches have found that in order to get a significant bump in Functional Threshold Power (FTP), it takes a lot of focused work at those intensity.  For today’s workout Skyler Mackey is only doing around 90 minutes total.  It’s a short and sweet day, but the work he is to accomplish is very important.  His workout today reads:  Endurance, FTP: 2 x15min @ FTP, Rest Between Interval: 5min.  

As Skyler works through his aerobic base phase of his training, he’ll see more and more of these workouts of increasing exposure time to the intensity.  We’ll take his bio- feedback and comments to help discern when and for how long we’ll continue to build in this fashion before easing him off in order to build once again.
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