Athlete Key Workout: Brady Reed

Brady Reed’s 60-90 minutes, Easy Endurance Ride.
With a string of criterium racing weekends coming up, Brady has systematically prepared himself for the repeated high intensity efforts they’ll demand over consecutive days. This preparation started months ago, and we don’t want to let the training load go to waste for later road racing, so Brady will ride several easy endurance rides before racing criteriums Friday through Sunday in the afternoon and evening for long weekend crit series. This serves the dual purpose of giving Brady some volume that the aerobic system appreciates, while also helping him keep the engine running for the racing later in the day and keeping the blood flow going between races.

This ride would be completed at 50-60% of FTP in the morning before the crit. Note that Brady will still complete a criterium warm-up prior to the race start, as he’ll still have several hours of rest and cool down time after the before racing later.
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As an Exercise Science student at the University of Texas, Mitchell Sides assisted coaching the university cycling and triathlon teams. Since graduating, he raced professionally for Elevate Pro Cycling and started his coaching career at Source Endurance.  Mitchell has been using TrainingPeaks and WKO4 analytical software to help optimize workouts for each athlete. His athletes range from masters to college freshmen in cycling and triathlon.
 He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree at Midwestern State University in Exercise Physiology, a program known for cycling performance.