Athlete Key Workout: Nick Torraca of Elevate- KHS Pro Cycling

Nick Torraca has been on the go and on the road since the week after he finished up classes at the University of Texas at Austin.  In order, he’s seen action at: Superior  Morgul Classic in Colorado, Memorial Day criteriums in Dallas, TX, Oklahoma City Pro AM Classic, Tulsa Tough, North Star Grand Prix and US Pro National Championships.  That’s a lot of intense racing, a lot of training and a lot of managed rest.  This is the last week of Nick’s mid season race block before we reload and push on towards Cascade Classic, Tour of Utah, and the Colorado Classic.
But… this week is a big one for Nick. This is Nick’s final U23 National Road Championship. Coming off of US Pro Road Championships, the goal this week is to get rested, and get sharp for what should be one of his hardest one day races he’s ever done.

Today’s workout is simple. 3 hours of Endurance riding.  Warm up for 20 minutes, 2.5 hours of riding while keeping his power below a 280W ceiling.  Finish up with 10 minutes of cool down.  The 3 hours allows for enough of a stimulus to keep Nick from going stale while the 280W ceiling prevents him from going too hard and burning any of those sharp effort matches he’ll need on Friday.
Good luck Nick!
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