Athlete Key Workout: Justin Williams' Recovery Ride

June 5, 2017: Justin Williams of Cylance Pro Cycling 

Photo Credit: seedotalvarez

60 minute, Recovery Ride.
Recently, Justin has had what I would consider a brutal last few days.  During that time, we put him in a state of  systematic overreaching in order to push his fitness into a solid mid-season form.  The benefits of this training block should come good for him just in time for Tulsa Tough, North Star Grand Prix and US PRO.  But for now, it’s imperative that Justin allow himself the time to simply relax and recover from his epic workouts.  
This is the exact text that Justin sees in his training calendar and I can’t stress enough how important and effective riding easy can be when used properly.  
This is the MOST IMPORTANT workout in your repertoire and is designed to facilitate recovery from a prior workout so that you may be better prepared for an upcoming workout.. It is crucial that you keep this cycling at the intensity specified by your consultant as going too hard may compromise your ability to attain the full benefits of a prior workout AND jeopardize upcoming workouts. Gearing should be light and terrain should be flat to slightly rolling.”
Based off of Justin’s history and our experience working together, I don’t think he’ll have any issues nailing this workout.  Below you’ll see a power file of a typical recovery day from Justin.  Nailed it!

Average Power: 89W
Work: 300kJ
Intensity Factor: 0.30
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