Athlete Key Workout: Eric Marcotte

We’re starting a short and sweet new series, Athlete Key Workout, highlighting a specific workout given to one of our athletes and why. First up: Eric Marcotte of Cylance Pro Cycling. We’ll look at the type of race openers Marcotte does leading into Redlands Bicycle Classic. (Thanks DMunson Photo for use of the photo above)
With the Redlands Bicycle Classic starting up this week, we’re going to focus a bit on keeping fresh and tuned for the coming week. The challenge during the few days before a five day long stage race is to stay sharp but without adding enough training stress to present a training load. That “soft landing” as call it, is more tricky to calculate and prescribe, but the day before is relatively easy. This is a day for openers.  
Eric’s workout today is simple:  90- 1:45 minutes of Endurance riding with 3 x 5 minutes of threshold riding while on his time trial bike. +90 minutes may be a long day of training for some of us, myself included, but for a professional rider on Cylance Pro Cycling, that’s just a short and sweet day.  The time trial bike will serve as a great way to make sure Eric is tuned and sharp and able to make good power in the TT position. 

When prescribing a day of openers leading into a race it’s important to understand that exact times for warm up, recovery and overall ride time should be more flexible than less.  This allows Eric to adapt his training day to the conditions on a road he may be riding for the first time.
A workout like this will show Eric completing about 1200- 1400 kJ of work which is right about par for a non stressful training day. And, as said before, short and sweet to the tune of about 30% that of a normal training day for Eric.  
Follow Eric Marcotte at the Redlands Bicycle Classic this week!
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