Athlete Highlight: Jason Knight secured first gravel grinder podium at Oklahoma Gravel Growler

Jason Knight secured his first gravel grinder podium at the Oklahoma Gravel Growler in the Men’s 100k race. The course had only 10-20% road with the remainder gravel- a tough course! Here’s how his race went down:

How’d the race go down for you?

We were riding with a group of 15-20 and Rob Bell attacked. Dylan bridged to Rob. I was with a group of 4, and we were rotating. There were a couple guys missing pulls every now and then, so I knew they were tired. I noticed Rob and Dylan eased up on a climb, and I stood up and rode across to them. We started rolling; it was crazy hard. The remaining guys had a few more join them, and they hovered 30 seconds to a minute back. Eventually the elastic snapped, and it ballooned to several miles (out of sight, out of mind). We rolled for several miles, and then Rob attacked and Dylan bridged. I was pretty much blown up by then and rode the last 20 miles or so in alone.

Which coach do you work with and how did your training help you prepare for the event?

Adam Mills; Adam helps me to ensure that my time is well utilized while on the bike. I have a job and family so trying to be as efficient with my training as I can is a priority. Additionally, I spend a lot of time riding near threshold to help with the sustained efforts encountered in gravel racing.

What advice do you have for someone up and coming in your cycling discipline?

There is a significant mental component to gravel racing. The wind, the road surface, the distance, these can all conspire to make one second guess their capabilities. It’s important to remember that when it’s hard for you; it is hard for everyone else.

What is your next event?

The Lovit MTB race near Hot Springs, Arkansas. It’s a 50 mile point-to-point race.
Best of luck Jason!!