Ambassador Highlight: Scout Cycling Team

Source Endurance is a proud sponsor of Scout Cycling Team in Fort Collins, Colorado. Scout Cycling Team is Fort Collins’ top elite team and is comprised of aspiring professional racers competing across Colorado and many out-of-state races like Joe Martin Stage Race and Cascade Cycling Classic.

How Scout Cycling Team Got Started

Scout Cycling Team started two years ago originally as Butler Cycling Team, a racing-focused branch off of long-standing 1st City Cycling Team. Butler Manufacturing is a steel company based in Kansas City, MO. At this time many of the riders were Cat 3 and Cat 4 riders with a few veteran Cat 2 riders. Rider and team manager Grant Van Hoose worked hard to create a positive environment and easy race experience for his riders with a goal of reaching the top level. The hard work paid off and many of the riders were able to cat up.

Scout Cycling Team & Source Endurance Partner Up for 2016

2016 brought on Scout as a title sponsor and Source Endurance stepped in at this time too. Between individualized coaching through Zack Allison, coached training rides and utilizing the Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies during the winter, the riders have seen a really killer year so far with many of them approaching their Cat 1 upgrades. It takes a lot to get from a Cat 2 to Cat 1.
To become a Cat 2 and then move up to a Cat 1 takes more than just a change in physiology that brings you to a new standard of fitness. You have to become a student of the sport. You are not going to get lucky and get a result in a Pro 1,2 field. As a coach, Zack Allison is proud to offer his mentorship to Scout’s up and coming racers through sharing tactical knowledge to bring them through the ranks, along with customized training. In fact, coach Zack is conducting a webinar on what it takes to go from a Cat 2 to Cat 1 racer on Aug 2nd, so be sure to sign up.

Scout Cycling Team Success

The team saw early season success at Valley of the Sun, despite coming from cold and snowy weather in Colorado. Beyond consistent results throughout the season, the team has also come together to function as a team, utilizing team tactics to control local races and secure the win. Successful use of team tactics is another sign of a maturing racer and team.
Be sure to look out for Scout Cycling Team as they take on Cascade Cycling Classic next week!
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