2019 Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp- Day 1

Day 1 of the Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp kicked off with getting everyone settled- getting Canyon Bike demos dialed, goodie bags distributed, IRC tires mounted, and Castelli Cycling custom BWR Survival Camp kits distributed. Danny Munson of DMunson Photo captured the whole weekend for us.

Yes please! Campers got all sorts of goodies from Chamois Butt'r, AMP Human PR Lotion, Source Endurance and more.
Canyon set up many riders with their gravel demo bikes. Their whole bike fleet is dreamy.
Is BWR founder Michael Marckx smiling because the Castelli camp jersey is so cool or he knows how much Double Peak will crush souls today?
Clif Bar providing the nutrition!
Legend Neil Shirley with ENVE smiles because he has no intention of sharing this Lost Abbey beer- we just don't know it yet 😉
All riders received a set of IRC gravel tires of their choice. Boken was a fantastic choice, especially with all the mud we faced!
Velofix (North San Diego County) worked tirelessly from the first moment in the morning through the evening to aid riders with everything from funky shifting to packing bikes for shipping home.
Source Endurance owner and coach Adam Mills ran through the Survival Guide before handing things over to coach and RDN Kristen Arnold to chat about nutrition for events like BWR.

For Day 1, we rode to The Lost Abbey for a tour at this iconic barrel-focused brewery. We also rode through The Oasis, and up Double Peak before descending back home.

A little pit stop at The Lost Abbey for a brewery tour.
Debrief before hitting the dirt
Double Peak hurts.
But the view ain't half bad!
All smiles for dirt descents.

We wrapped up the day with the official Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride route reveal, along with some sponsor talks. Velofix worked their butts off getting everyone's bikes ready for Saturday!

Muscle Monster provided the recovery beverages over the weekend.
Dinner is served!
Multi-time National Champion Brad Huff shared how AMP Human Performance PR Lotion can save your day.
IRC Tires shares how to choose a gravel tire based on personal and terrain factors.
Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride promoter Phil Tinstman shared the course changes for the year. We'd show you, but then we'd have to kill you 😉

That wraps up Day 1! We like to think of it as an opener day to get everyone settled, do a fair bit of knowledge-sharing, and finish off with a great dinner. Day 2 is notoriously a big one...