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Archive for December 2016

How Much Time Does it Take to Improve FTP?

As a reader of our blog, you’re probably familiar with the term FTP, or functional threshold power. This maximal one hour output metric is essentially the foundation of training for cycling. Very much like your 1 mile, 5k or 10k pace in running, knowing your FTP allows you to prescribe training, track improvements, and assess…

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Having the Right Saddle for Your Bike Fit is Key

In a bike fit, your contact points with the bike are key. We fit off of body angles, fitter’s eye, comfort, and rider feedback. All of these things trickle down from where the body meets the bike. The bike fit starts with cleats We start with your cleats- a good cleat position is essential. We…

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Athlete Highlight: Skyler Mackey

Name: Skyler Mackey Event & Category: Cyntergy Hurtland UCI C2 Brief event/course description: The course was technical with lots of short and steep ups and downs.  There were also multiple creek crossings and a very technical off camber section. How’d the race go down for you?  For me the race was a constant battle with attacks being…

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