Topical Edge PR Lotion Significantly Improves High-Intensity Interval Performance

If you remember last fall, we were recruiting study participants in the Fort Collins, Colorado, area to participate in a study using Topical Edge. Well, the results are in! Here's an excerpt from Topical Edge and a link to the full study and results:
Coming on the heels of the clinical trial at San Diego State University by Dr. Mark Kern that showed notable improvements in both performance and recovery from the Topical Edge Performance & Recovery group, Source Endurance performed an independent study of their own. The double-blind, randomized and controlled test of PR Lotion was done at the Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies using eight cyclists with each test subject performing two sessions of high-intensity intervals to exhaustion, one using Topical Edge PR Lotion and one with Control lotion. The PR Lotion group showed a greater than 20% performance improvement versus the Control lotion, completing an additional 3.4 intervals.


Source Endurance TE Study