Source Endurance Event: Racing and Training in the Heat Webinar

Recently, coach Adam Mills conducted a webinar all about racing and training in the heat. Studies are constantly being done looking at heat’s effect on the body. In the webinar Adam looks at five areas:

  1. What is a hot environment?
  2. How does it affect performance?
  3. Physiological adaptations
  4. Behavior modification
  5. Improved performance in hot conditions

We’ve all experienced one of those rides or races where you overheat and it can be downright scary and has lasting and damaging effects on the body. Understanding what heat does to your body and using the tools Adam Mills covers can make you better prepared for safe and successful racing and training during the hot summer months. Summer racing should be a blast!
We’ll be running re-runs of the webinar all month- it’s free! You can sign up on our webinar registration page. Participants are eligible for a free 10-minute coaching consult which can be used for follow up questions or coaching-related questions.

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  1. David Carrozza on December 12, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    I just ran across your site and would love to have a chance to hear / see this webinar on Racing and Training in the Heat.
    If possible please let me know.
    David Carrozza
    Spruzza LLC