All About SETCR Services & Memberships

With construction ending at Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies, our construction special pricing is also ending Tuesday. You might be wondering what are the new perks and what are the best value options the training center has.

New Perks

Besides the eliminate of extra noise and dirt, we’ve added some great new perks:

  • Two showers for your post-workout needs (bring a towel!)
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for your convenience
  • Full-sized, new bathroom
  • Filtered water system
  • Availability to purchase hot coffee pre or post workout
  • Availability to purchase tubes, chains, bar tape, nutrition products, etc.
  • Consistent community events
  • *Coming soon* bike fit studio upstairs
  • *Coming soon* cycling consultation
  • *Coming soon* recovery space upstairs

Pricing & Punch Passes

For classes, our typical weekday classes, Kickr threshold testing or gym classes are now $20 for drop-in. Weekend classes are twice as long at twice the price at $40. There are a variety of punch passes at 5, 10, and 20 punches…all discounted from the retail rate with the larger passes having a greater discount. Classes and punch passes are the same price as at our old location but the new space has much more to offer. Weekday and gym classes are 1 punch, and those long weekend classes are two punches.  Sign up with your friends or teammates and make it a social event any day of the week. Please view our current schedule.

Memberships are a Killer Value

Memberships are a great value for someone looking to attend classes 1-2+ times per week. Monthly unlimited memberships are $120 and include bottomless Kickr classes and gym classes. It also includes a 15% discount off of retail and other services like blood lactate testing,  bike fits, and special events. You are able to cancel at any time, but billing on a monthly cycle so there are not any pro-rated options. It really is a great value option for the athlete looking to stay in tip-top shape during winter months or the time-crunched athlete. Sign up for a membership here. You still need to sign up for classes if you have an unlimited membership, but it won’t cost anything additional.

Bike Fitting- Double the Fun

Our F.I.S.T. certified bike fits are also a great price and great thing to gear up for the season. One bike fit is $200 and a two-bike fit for one person is $250 (i.e. TT and road bike or any combo!).
Plan on getting in 45-60 minutes of riding during your fit and it taking 2-3 hours depending on 1 or 2 bikes. Riding and racing should be comfortable, efficient, and aerodynamic.
You’ll walk away with before and after video, body angles, and measurements.
Please email any questions to Whitney at
Learn more about the Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies’ services.