Rio Grande Elite Cycling: Source Endurance Training Center Team Highlight

Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team, formerly Scout cycling is Fort Collins’ Elite team. These guys are the real deal. With pro-level training and big goals, this group of riders is on the up and up in national level cycling. Rio Grande Elite is a shining example of hard work paying off paired with good leadership and smart steady growth.
The hard work aspect comes on and off the bike, in good and bad weather. Often in the training center you can find a slew of orange (soon-to-be-red) jerseys on the trainers with well over 2 hours on the clock. Kevin Temple is often found pounding away on the squat rack in his attempt to break the seams on his old bib shorts. Each hour on the trainer (while the competition watches the snow fall) and each rep on the squat rack is a step closer to the results they yearn for.
This hard work is what the training center is designed for: riding as a team or group and pushing each other. Using Source Endurance as a tool to reach your goals is what we are here for. There’s a community in Fort Collins and lately that community has been pushing its riders to new levels of speed. The training center is a small piece of a larger community of cycling but smart training and using all the tools at your disposal is how to reach your goals on the bike regardless of your category or age.  
Pushing yourself at the right times with efficient workouts is the way to get faster. Rio Grande Elite Cycling does this by utilizing top notch coaching, all the training center tools at hand, and by pushing each other to be better in a fun upbeat environment. The training center is proud to have them around so often.
We’re looking forward to celebrating with them tonight at the Rio Grande Elite Team Presentation!
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