Rider Highlight: Skyler Mackey takes 6th at Collegiate Nationals in the Crit

Skylar Mackey recently finished a respectable 6th at Collegiate Varsity Men Criterium Nationals in Grand Junction, Colorado. The course was super tight and technical with very few places to move up. The changing surface from asphalt to concrete and to brick made for interesting corners throughout the track.

How the race went down:

During the race I stayed in the top 20 so that I could follow moves as needed. There were a couple scares with crashes happening right behind me but I was able to stay safe and keep it upright. When it came down to 7 laps to go I started to move closer to the front to be ready for the field sprint. As it turned out pretty much where you were sitting with two laps to go was around where you would place in the race. I made up a few spots in the sprint which landed me at 6th.
Skylar works with Adam Mills. They’ve been working to build overall fitness by using high volume rides with tempo and steady state intervals incorporated in them. Best of luck Skylar at OKC Pro Am Classic and remember, ‘cross is coming!