Rider Highlight: Esther Thais takes the win at Grunnlovsdagen Kriterium Cat 3 Womens Race

Esther Thais recently took the win at Grunnlovsdagen Kriterium Cat 3 womens race. The course was a 1.07 mile L-Shaped loop that was flat with good blacktop/concrete surface. Three of the five curves were smooth, fast curves with the other two corners were hard right turns.

How’d the race go down for you?

This was the second race of the day for me after taking 5th in the Women’s open race. I focused during the race on managing power and staying fresh and taking every advantage I could to recover during efforts. Focusing on these things helped me to not only take a prime mid race, but to win the pack sprint at the finish.

Which coach do you work with and how did your training help you prepare for the event?

 Adam Mills. We’ve been working on specific gaps in my power profile – the hard work I’ve been putting in during the week is paying off in spades during races. I can also hear snippets of advice Adam’s given me about racing in my head during races so he’s helped me become a smarter racer as well as stronger.

What advice do you have for someone up and coming in your cycling discipline?

 Invest in a coach. The knowledge and guidance that a coach provides will help you make the most of your valuable training time. Also, take recovery days very seriously.
 Best of luck at the Tornado Rally Gravel Grinder!