Nikki Peterson wins Rim Nordic Time Trial-format XC Mountain Bike Race

I got to race on Saturday, July 18th! Rim Nordic, a legendary race venue in Southern California, held a Time Trial-format xc mountain bike race. The racers were started in 20 second intervals and the Pro Women's Category had 7 racers. I started 4th and caught up to the 2nd and 3rd ladies by the end of the first climb. Nearing the end of the first lap, I had caught up to the previous race winner, Leslie Paterson. From then on, it was all about sticking to the plan that Adam and I had made, which included extra hydration because of the hot weather at altitude. I ended up completing consistent laps and won by 5:30, which I was really proud of! If you live in Southern California, the next Rim Nordic race is August 2nd!

Pro Tip: Listen to your coach. 🙂 Adam and I had a conversation before the race to come up with a game plan. I knew my power for that 7,000ft elevation, heart rate (this was especially important to not blow up at 7k), and nutrition plan days before. I visualized executing my plan each day and by race day, it was completely ingrained in my mind.

IMG_2001 - Nikki Peterson