Lori McCarty gains new riding partner!

Since COVID, I struggled to find time and energy to ride my bike. Juggling new roles and developing new routines I wondered how I did it before. Luckily, Adam was encouraging and said not to worry, get it in when you can. He suggested I give Zwift racing a try. I’ve been hooked, it’s a great workout and pushes me harder than I have ever worked on a trainer. Fast, convenient and especially so on a rainy day.

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Eventually, I was able to carve out some outdoor dirt therapy time but my little boy was still stuck at home away from friends and bored. He started asking what did I see on my ride....I had mom guilt.... I knew the next time I ride he has to come with me. I asked around on our local cycling garage sale page about larger bikes, trailers or tandems... I ended up finding a mountain bike tandem, a cannondale Mt2000! We loaded up the next day and hit my favorite local gravel roads. 23 miles of mom and son riding time. He had a blast, I got a good workout in. Quality time together, it’s the best, looking forward to new adventures with my buddy!

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