Josie Fouts, Leader in the Off-Road Para-cycling Movement

Born in Korea with only a right hand, Josie is an Asian-American amputee that grew up in the midwest, always standing out. Her interest in metabolism research led her out to San Diego and the year-round great weather encouraged her to begin commuting by bike. Soon the San Diego cycling community discovered her potential and encouraged her to pursue bigger goals, the Paralympics!

However, when the Tokyo Games got postponed, she found herself riding on trails and connecting deeper with herself, following a path less graveled, especially a para-athlete. Her first-hand experience taught her that she is more than the body parts that she doesn’t have;  What she does have and what others can see are her true identity.

Now she uses the bicycle as a tool to rediscover herself, find ultimate life balance, and trail blaze for para-athletes to ride off road! Her 2022 calendar includes:

  • An international bikepacking trip to push her outside of her comfort zone.
  • Speaking up for inclusivity in cycling events.
  • Leading the Mountain Paracycling movement by setting official Para-Fastest Known Times.

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