Athlete Key Workout: Homayoon Farsi’s TT practice.

Here’s a quick time trial bike workout SE athlete Homayoon Farsi completed several times in his preparation for the Arizona State TT Championships. Homayoon can be found on podiums across the state, and is a staple in the Arizona master’s racing community.

Everyone wants to be a better time trialist, but many riders leave out the specific TT bike preparations that can really separate the great from the merely decent TTers.
This workout, done as a shorter ride, combines a threshold/steady state interval with the specificity of a TT position. In the aero position, simply complete 5x5min intervals at 90-100% threshold, with short rests out of the aero position in between.
The workout is tough primarily because of the adjustment to the TT position, but as comfort in TTs grows, the workout can be expanded to include higher intensity, less rest time (or all rest time in the TT position), and further.
We look forward to seeing more great TT’s from Homayoon this season!
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As an Exercise Science student at the University of Texas, Mitchell Sides assisted coaching the university cycling and triathlon teams. Since graduating, he raced professionally for Elevate Pro Cycling and started his coaching career at Source Endurance.  Mitchell has been using TrainingPeaks and WKO4 analytical software to help optimize workouts for each athlete. His athletes range from masters to college freshmen in cycling and triathlon. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree at Midwestern State University in Exercise Physiology, a program known for cycling performance.