Utilizing Indoor Training Apps for Coaching, Part 2

Indoor Training Apps

Cycling has evolved immensely in the last 8 years. Gone are the days of riding the rollers in a damp basement. Now is the time of the smart trainer. We can ride virtually, with ERG mode, with Virtual Reality, delivering precise resistance levels accurate of our metabolic zones, while riding in front of a screen, still in a damp basement. With all these new tools, there’s not one authority on what they all do and there’s not an unaffiliated view of each tool and its ability to provide actionable data to a coach from an athlete. This presentation seeks to review and evaluate the most comprehensive available apps, hardware, software, and training tools to best deliver an overall fitness package to a cycling athlete of any ability level.

In Part 2 we go into the practical use of these apps and how you might vary an indoor versus an outdoor workout for the best athlete completion rate.