Performance Testing: VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold(s)


Smash your plateaus and reach peak performance. Lactate & VO2 Max testing unlock your body’s secrets, showing you how hard to push, how to fuel, and how to dominate. Don’t wait, unleash your inner beast and rewrite your limits.  Testing availability is very limited.


Each Vo2 Max and Threshold Test Includes:

Comprehensive report describing your performance with respect to:

VO2 Max

This test is an indicator of your cardiovascular fitness level and aerobic endurance. You are able to better understand your aerobic fitness level and maximal oxygen consumption when you complete your VO2 Max test. Remember, your ability to burn calories depends on your ability consume oxygen.

Anaerobic Threshold (AT) / Lactic Threshold (LT)

Lactate Threshold (LT) is also generally known as Lactate Threshold 1 (LT1). Lactate begins to build in your muscles and you begin to feel fatigue, this happens to everyone at some point during intense exercise. This is a point of max energy output known as your Anaerobic Threshold (AT), also generally known as Lactate Threshold 2 (LT2) and is different for everyone depending on your cardiovascular fitness level. This determination helps you to develop a specific strategy so you can improve your ability to exercise for longer periods of time and at higher intensities.

Peak VO2

Each person has a Peak VO2, which during intense exercise is the point at which you reach your maximum ability to consume oxygen. This is a volume-based measurement during your breath-by-breath, exercise treadmill test. Unless you’re already an elite athlete, you can likely improve your VO2 Max score by up to 20%.

Target Heart Rates

After you have completed your test, you will receive a report that shows your heart rate at different intervals, most notably at the begging of your test (warm-up), at Anaerobic Threshold (AT), and at your VO2 Max (Peak). This information helps you establish target heart rates for your exercise and training programs.

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