Matthew Hill

Matt Hill Coach

As a coach and trainer, Matthew’s client list has included multiple National Champions, a World Champion, and many successful local racers, fondo and recreational riders, and entry-level enthusiasts.

Head coach for the Marymoor Velodrome Cyclocross practice sessions, Matthew has taught cyclocross fundamentals to thousands of cyclists over his close to two decades at the helm. Athletes who first learned the basics of Cyclocross from him have gone on to win National Championships and international distinction, and to podium placings at the World Cup and World Championship level. Riders at all levels of the performance spectrum can and do call on Matthew for his skills instruction, including professional teams who have been known to send new recruits to him for skills assessment and old hands to him for refresher courses and refinement.

As a bicycle fit specialist, Matthew has worked for many national, regional, and even World and Olympic champions, and hundreds of cyclists at the recreational and sport-performance end of the spectrum. He is a Trek certified bike fitter, and a F.I.S.T. certified specialist in triathlon bicycle fitting. A many-time district champion in the Time Trial, he is uniquely well positioned to understand the needs of the timed specialist disciplines, and both the current and previous holders of the hour record at the Jerry Baker Memorial Velodrome attained those marks in positions developed in his fit studio.

Matthew Hill is a Category 1 bike racer in the Road, Cyclocross, and Mountain Bike disciplines. He counts among his accomplishments 2 national championships, many district championships, and over 100 victories in races across disciplines.

Off the bike, Matthew is a first degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which he teaches at the Ballard Jiu-Jitsu school in Seattle, WA.

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  • USAC Cyclocross National Championships  – 5th, Women’s 50-54
  • USAC Cyclocross National Championships  – 1st, Women’s 40+ “non-championship”
  • USAC Cyclocross National Championships  – 1
  • Washington District CX Championship  – 1st, Women 45+
  • Washington District TT Championship, – 1st, men 40+
  • MFG Cyclocross Series – 1st, Masters Women
  • MFG Cyclocross Series – 1st, Men 50+


  • USAC Cyclocross National Championships  – 3rd, Men  45-49
  • USAC Cyclocross National Championships  – 10th, Men  50+



  • USAC CX National Championship  –  3rd, Elite Men
  • USAC CX National Championship – 4th, Women, 35-39
  • USAC CX National Championship – 14th, Women, 45-49


  • Kingsport Cup CX   – 1st, Elite
  • Subaru STARCROSSED CX – 1st Elite
  • Cincy3 Kings CX After Dark  – 2nd, Open/Elite


  • USAC CX National Championships –  2nd  Open/Elite


  • USAC CX National Championships – 1st U-23
  • USAC CX National Championships – 4th Open/Elite


  • CX World Championships, 23rd U-23
  • CX World Cup #6 – 3rd U23


  • USAC CX National Championships – 1st Men’s Collegiate
  • USAC CX National Championships –  2nd, U-23


  • GP Sven Nys, 2nd
  • USAC CX National Championships – 1st (Men’s Collegiate)


  • USAC Cyclocross Nationals  – 1st, Jr Men (17-18)
  • USAC Cyclocross Nationals – 4th Women 45-49


  • USAC Cyclocross Nationals – 2nd,  Jr Mens  (17-18)
  • USAC Cyclocross Nationals – 13th Men, 40-44
  • USAC CX National Championships – 8th, Women 45-49


  • NORBA National 24 hour Team Championship – Master’s , 1st


  • NORBA National 24 hour Team Championship –  Master’s,  1st


  • NORBA National 24 hour Team Championship – Master’s, 1st