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Vo2 Max & Lactate Threshold Testing

The Source Endurance research division will design, implement and publish studies on human performance, as well as develop proprietary training methods. The research division will be focused on providing the coaching group with valuable data and methods that will facilitate Source Endurance clients’ continued success on the race course and in their chosen personal pursuits.

Source Endurance is the premier provider of training design and management, physiological testing, nutritional analysis and psychological preparation for endurance athletes. Source Endurance has a storied history of working with a broad spectrum of athletes and skill levels, ranging from World and Olympic class competitors to highly dedicated amateur athletes. As a company, Source Endurance has a long history of successful clients including multiple national champions, regional champions and clients selected to USA Cycling development teams and camps.

Testing Services are available at University of Houston, University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Kansas. Not in those locations? Please get in touch at inquire@source-e.net for other options.

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