Team Nutrition Talks

Team Nutrition Talks

Team Nutrition Talks provide nutritional recommendations and more for a team of any type, athletic or workplace. (Contact Kristen at to discuss further). $100/hour.

Example topics:

  • Overall nutrition
  • Nutrition for busy schedules
  • Pre, during, and post training and competition for your sport
  • Hydration
  • Vitamins and supplements, what should and shouldn’t you be taking
  • Eating while travelling
  • Nutrition for injuries
  • Periodized nutrition, eating in the off season
  • Safe and effective weight loss
  • Body composition optimization


“I travel for my day job; but still want to compete at the best of my ability; which is why I chose to work with a nutritionist. Working with Kristen was incredible, she dispelled myths and focused me on clear points so I could make good eating decisions both on and off the bike. And it's working, I've never had better fitness and I simply feel better.”

-Rob Kelly