Tier 3 Coaching Services

About Tier 3 Coaching Services


The Tier 3 Coaching is our most popular service offering and is for the experienced athlete looking to push their boundaries of fitness and performance. Featuring increased consulting frequency you will develop a strong coach- athlete relationship as you are delivered towards your fitness and performance goals. You will also enjoy priority scheduling for your weekly consults.

Following an initial assessment your coach will help you establish reliable performance benchmarks from which your training will be prescribed. Your coach will develop a periodization model that will track you towards reaching your goals. This periodization model is based on your adaptation and unlike block periodization, will vary in length as you adapt to both the training and with your normal daily life. Tier 3 coaching also features strategic, tactical and technical event optimization as preparation for your event whether it's gravel, criterium, Zwift, track, cyclocross, running, triathlon or mountain biking. Following each event you'll do a deep-dive analysis to look for strengths and weaknesses of your ability and decision making.

Tier 3 is ideal for those that have a busy event schedule, need to accommodate a frequent travel/ career agenda, make frequent adjustments for weather, or who seek active feedback on their training management. Your coach will also proactively initiate 1 on 1 training/ meetings when he/she is in your area.


  • Free initial consultation and assessment
  • Free Training Peaks Login
  • Online Training Log with data upload function
  • Power/ GPS/ heart rate training
  • Weekly training analysis and feedback
  • Fully custom periodization modeling
  • Custom built training schedule, monitored and adjusted Weekly
  • Pre event strategic, tactical and technical optimization
  • Post event deep-dive analysis (outdoor and Zwift/ virtual Cycling)
  • Communication via email and text as needed.
  • Weekly video/ phone consults with priority scheduling
  • Discounted access to Skills Clinics
  • Nutritional evaluations a-la carte
  • Preferred pricing on all Source Endurance retail products


  • $99 Start Up Fee
  • $300 Per Month