Tier 3 Coaching Services

About Tier 3 Coaching Services


The Tier 3 Coaching Service utilizes every component of the Tier 2 Coaching Service, and offers a higher degree of interaction with your Source Endurance Coach as well as a more comprehensive data analysis and detailed training schedule. You will develop the strong consultant-athlete relationship needed in order to understand your unique response to training which allows your Coach to further improve the effectiveness of your training and help you to maximize your success.

The Tier 3 Coaching Service begins with a comprehensive initial assessment of your athletic background and includes analyzing any recent training files or logs. You are encouraged to update your logs send your training files to your coach on a daily basis, where they will be reviewed weekly. Following each review of your data, your coach will initiate contact with you via phone or email and offer feedback to your recent training, upcoming races. Then, depending on your weekly training goals, your coach may adjust your schedule to help you to meet those goals and further maximize your success.

Tier 3 is ideal for those that have a busy event schedule, need to accommodate a frequent travel/ career agenda, or who seek a very active feedback loop on their training management. Your coach will also proactively initiate 1 on 1 training/ meetings when he/she is in your area.


  • Free initial consultation
  • Free Training Peaks Login
  • Online Training Log with Power and HR File Upload function
  • Power based and/ or heart rate-based training including file analysis
  • weekly¬†review of training log
  • Custom built training schedule, monitored and adjusted weekly
  • weekly¬†communication via video conference, phone or email
  • Race briefing and debriefing
  • Discounted access to Skills Clinics
  • Nutritional evaluations with a-la carte
  • Preferred pricing on all Source Endurance retail products


  • $99 Start Up Fee
  • $300 Per Month