Maximize your Functional Threshold Power

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) on the mind? FTP is arguably one of the most important performance indicators we have. Thus, improving and comparing FTP is a natural desire. We've assembled a range of resources, training plans, and coaching to answer key questions like:

  • Why does FTP matter?
  • How long does it take to improve my FTP?
  • What's the best way to test my FTP and how often?
  • How do I increase my FTP?
  • How does my FTP compare?
  • How much can I improve my FTP?
  • Why should I do FTP work now?

These resources are created and written by coaches at Source Endurance, all who have the higher education to back it up. They work with athletes of all different backgrounds and with all different goals to maximize their potential.

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How Much Time Does it Take to Improve FTP?

As a reader of our blog, you’re probably familiar with the term FTP, or functional threshold power. This number is most often approximated to maximal one hour power output and is one of the foundations of modern training and performance analysis for cycling. Very much like your 1 mile, 5k or 10k pace in running, or even your 1 repetition max in weightlifting, knowing your FTP allows you to prescribe training, track improvements, and assess training’s efficacy. It’s also one of the major factors in performance outcomes. So, how long does it take to see FTP improvements?

Three ways to increase your FTP

When working to improve your FTP, it is important to incorporate a series of workouts which promote the right kind of stimulus and at a manageable and productive rate to improve FTP. Too much load too quickly and the athlete will burn out, not enough load not fast enough and the FTP will likely not budge. One of the major reasons coaches and athletes focus on improving their FTP in training is that FTP is somewhat of an intersection of power needs in the sport of cycling and reflects when and if overall fitness is going up or down. In this article we will discuss various methods to stimulate the physiological adaptations that promote an increase in an athlete’s Functional Threshold Power.

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Are V02 and Blood Lactate Laboratory Tests Still Relevant? With WKO, probably not.

If we’re focusing on raising FTP or Lactate Threshold power, we need the best metrics to track change in FTP. 5 and 10 years ago, we sent our athletes into a lab or university to get the athlete’s blood lactate and maybe Vo2 max tested. Back then, that was the best way to check FTP repeatedly. With the advent of WKO, Source Endurance is now using WKO5, we have nearly unlimited data capabilities, with every day being a data point tracking your modeled FTP vs 1 day in the lab.

FTP, Defined

Coach Mitchell Sides dives into Functional Threshold Power (FTP). We'll look at:

  • What exactly FTP means from a physiological definition
  • How LT can predict other intensities
  • What FTP looks like in different styles of races (i.e. criterium versus road race)
  • How understanding your FTP can help your race strategy
  • How understanding your FTP should change your training

Understanding this concept is essential throughout your season and off-season.

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