Innokenty Zavyalov

As a young Russian immigrant in the USA, Innokenty found freedom by commuting and exploring the city by bicycle. Fascinated by messengers on their brakeless track bikes, and by watching the grand tours, he knew he had to try racing. At 19, Innokenty participated in his first race on the steep banks of the NSC Velodrome, and the fire for competition was lit.


He went full throttle into the cycling world, working as a mechanic, a bike messenger, racing alleycats, fixed gear crits, road races, cyclocross, and the early days of gravel. The competitive fire took him to the professional level, racing for the UCI Continental team, Elevate - KHS. 


Currently, Innokenty finds great meaning and joy being a full time gravel racer. He rides for the Mazda Lauf Factory Racing team.

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