Dylan Zakrajsek

Dylan Zakrajsek, is primarily a cyclocross racer based in Lake Geneva, WI. Entering the sport in 2015, Dylan rode independently until 2017-2018 when he joined the Lake Geneva Youth Cycling, a cyclocross team. During his inaugural season Dylan landed on the podium nearly in 50% of the races where he toed the start line.  After placing tenth during the 2017 Cyclocross Nationals, Dylan bested that effort with a silver at nationals in 2018!


In November of 2019, Dylan was invited to the Cyclocross National Team and traveled to Sittard, Netherlands. Dylan’s racing in Europe provided new challenges, as the competition is more aggressive, the riders supremely talented, and the conditions are brutal. Dylan learned how to better to expand his skills and push his limits while competing at events like the World Cup in Koksijde, Belgium.


The future is still unknown, but Dylan is making the most of the opportunity to grow as a rider and a person.