“I am liking the two/day workouts. Those actually have worked out nicely and I plan on utilizing that more on my own to get in some more time. Also wanted to pass this on (even if it sounds like a no brainer); lately, I have noticed really positive changes in my fitness. On the days I can actually go ride the road, I notice how much easier my usual climbs are and I feel an increase in strength on the bike I have not felt in years. I realize we just embarked on this training journey, but I am seriously amped up about this season and the possibilities.”

-Doug George

“Zach is awesome! Really enjoy working with him. Even though I’m coming off a bad fitness period from travel, illness etc, his workouts are already helping me improve. And while I’m only masters level pack fill, he treats me like I’m a real athlete and seems to really care about my progress. Thanks so much!”

-Kelly Feilke

“Thanks! I really didn’t believe it when they said it would be 18 months to fully recover but I now have no doubt. At 11 months I’m pretty good but running, stairs, and dismounts are a challenge. Week 2 of racing was better so onward we go.”

-Tom Price

“I’ve been on this program for almost a year. You’ve made me a strong rider, no doubt. But thanks for really driving some thinking and patience into my training and racing. I’m really looking forward to what comes next!”

-Gordon Richardson. Houston, TX

“Adam, you are truly great at what you do. It has been an eye opener in a positive way. I am having a good time with the program!”

-Shadd Smith. Overland Park, Kansas. (Kansas City)

“The difference in my overall strength as a rider, top-end speed, as well as consistent speed, depth- the ability to ride at a high threshold for a long period of time, technical skills, etc is almost beyond measurable compared to last year.”

-Aubree Dock. Kansas City, MO

“This season was the first one where I worked with a coach that provided a focused training plan so it was sort of an experimental period of figuring out what was actually possible for me to achieve. The season was sort of hampered by an injury to my shoulder that limited early season race opportunities and sort of hampered early and mid year training. At the start of the season (or really working with you and SE) I wanted to improve my main weakness which I perceive to be top end power. I think that that has been improved as evidenced by a win and other instances of riding at the front of XC races (something that I think takes decent top end power). The simple fact that I won a race, had an opportunity to win a few others, and had a legit shot at the Cat 2 XC series championship is a mark of success for this season. The form produced for the 09 Leadville 100 was arguably the best form that I have had to date.”

-Jonathan Toner. Spring, TX

“I was starting to suspect that I was getting stronger but I did not have the real proof until today. Unfortunately for me Brandon was off racing but we were fortunate to have some very fast Bike Barn riders show up at our ride.
I was able to achieve the objective but the biggest thing is that I can not believe how much stronger I feel. I put in my best power numbers ever and NEVER felt that I was pushing to the limits!! I just could not believe how easy the ride was and I had TONS of energy at the end of the ride and drilled some very hard pulls. I easily kept up through the hills and had so much power left over that I sprinted at the very end…I have never done that in my life.

The most surprising thing is that I never felt that I was pushing hard…It seemed like a really easy ride and I kept wondering why people were not drilling harder….

This is just unbelievable….”

-Mike Moist. Houston, TX

“Just to stay thank you for the call today, I am absolutely delighted with my improvement this year. Before I saw the results I didn’t focus on or appreciate on the 15% LT increase. But once you point it out and describe what it means it’s amazing. Thanks again and I am eager to see where we go next season….”

-Andrew Ennis. Aberdeen, Scotland (United Kingdom)

“I felt great racing and absolutely loved it. My teammate even said that I looked good out there mixing it up. Midway through both races I was thinking that I felt good enough to win the race! I haven’t ever had that feeling, so my confidence is very high right now… and I LIKE IT.”

-Larry L. Houston, TX

“Basically just writing to say a big thank you. I truly don’t think my performance would be where I’m at without the training regimen you provided. During those primes and sprints I felt unstoppable. I was calculated, composed and even more importantly, coached, on exactly what I needed to do.”

-Chris Lowry- La Crosse, Wisconsin

“All I can say about the Source Endurance Time Trial Camp is: Wow! That was as interesting and fun as anything I’ve done on a bike. John Cobb was super-cool, the Source Endurance Consultants were amazing as always, and the Jack-and-Adams guys were so pro making the adjustments in record time. I can’t wait to try my new position when there’s something on the line!

Thanks for doing this, guys. And it is my real hope that those who couldn’t make this TT camp pressure Source Endurance to do another and find a way to get there. It’s not cheap, but when you do it you see why. Amazing…”

-Reem K.

“I can’t say enough about how great this Time Trial camp was. The Source Endurance coaches were awesome in their helpfulness, John Cobb was amazing in his insights and experience and the guys from Jack & Adams pulled it all together. Rarely do you get such a great opportunity to have all of these professional people in one place and for such amazing one on one attention. Thank you for offering such a fantastic opportunity. If I had to do it all over again…I would not hesitate!!!”

-Rachel G.

“I was very impressed with the Source Endurance facility and the abundance of knowledge in the room. Everything from the first meeting, the website, the layout of your daily training, the workout specificity, the laboratory, and the knowledge of my coach is top notch. I have never seen so much thought and structure put into an athlete’s preparation. It’s that attention to detail that takes an athlete to the next level. I know I will reach all my goals under the guidance of Source Endurance and Derick Williamson.”

-James Cotter, SE Elite Athlete