Clint Waara – Fort Collins, Colorado.
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Source Endurance Athlete since 11/2014
Road Rider – Goals – Raise threshold power, work on weaknesses, lose weight.
Rider Type- power rider, longer efforts, time trial strength.
20 minute power July 2015 – 300 watts normalized (NP)
clint test 1
20 minute power December 2015 – 331 watts
clint test 2
Things to notice between these power tests VAM during field test 1 – 819 VAM during Field test 2 – 912 – Marked by a major weight loss initiative and  9% gain in threshold power increasing VAM or rate of climbing during these tests. The VI is also the same in each test but is low at 1.02.  A high VI or difference between Normalize power and Average can change how your body is processing lactate. For Threshold testing we generally want to see a steady effort and definitely consistent and repeatable for field testing.
This case study may come across as dry. Clint’s training has been very focused with a high workout completion rate. Clint however is anything but dry. Looking at these gains, I think if Clint were a cyclist from day 1 or as a junior he would have gone very very far. As for his physiology and training, pushing threshold training, monitoring fatigue and weight loss, building TSS with endurance and specific intervals over time have been proven effective in studies and in this specific case. Clint has seen a marked increase over the season with no end in sight.
So what now? well, Clint now has the engine to stick around in almost any group ride and in his category. He is hard to drop but he has weaknesses. Looking at Clint’s power profile we will start to work on sprint form, and intensity to bring up his shorter intervals. Its great to see long term aerobic gains and from there its easier to build everything else.
clint rider profile
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