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Archive for March 2019

Forcing the Break at the Redlands Classic Criterium

I did a bit of a contest on social media asking the internet what Alex Hoehn’s average power was in the Redlands Classic Criterium during those crucial first 5 minutes where the break away was being established.  The answers were all accurate in that the power number was big, especially considering his weight.  Let’s take…

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Are starches the new sugar? Types of carbohydrates for cycling and how they improve performance.

Nutrition Consultation

Many athletes ask themselves how much sugar they should have, when, and from what sources. Studies show eating or drinking carbohydrates before and during workouts improves performance in endurance exercise1. For decades sugars have been king of performance enhancement during exercise in endurance sports. Hundreds of companies make products with sucrose, glucose, maltose, dextrose and…

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Choosing a Tire for Your Next Gravel Adventure

“Hey… what’s the best tire for this event?” That’s something I’ve been hearing a lot over the last few months as more and more mixed surface and gravel events come on the calendar. I remember back to my full time cyclo-cross (CX) days riding with the KCCX team and all the conversations we had about…

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