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Archive for February 2019

How to Get Better at Bike Racing Skills

Bike racing is a puzzle requiring numerous pieces. When an athlete fits all of the puzzle pieces together as one, great things happen, like winning! As a coach and a racer, I cannot emphasize the importance of ‘skills’ in racing and training. Typically, when asked how to define skills for bike racing, coaches focus on…

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How to Choose your Peak Events

how to choose peak events

To peak means to reach a highest point. In endurance sports this means training intensity and volume accumulate over time to reach top-level fitness at a specific time for a given individual. Reaching peak fitness can be tricky as there is a balance for every athlete to reach their highest fitness at the right time,…

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2019 Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp- Day 3

Day 3! We focused our efforts on Lemon Twist, plus some odds and ends, finishing Day 3 up Double Peak one last time, and lunch at The Lost Abbey. Thanks for checking out our photo recap of all that was the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp 4.0! We’re already counting down to our 2020…

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2019 Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp- Day 1

Day 1 of the Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp kicked off with getting everyone settled- getting Canyon Bike demos dialed, goodie bags distributed, IRC tires mounted, and Castelli Cycling custom BWR Survival Camp kits distributed. Danny Munson of DMunson Photo captured the whole weekend for us. For Day 1, we rode to The Lost Abbey…

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