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Archive for March 2017

Train harder. Recover faster.

What can we say, as a coaching company made up of athletes who studies sports science, we love keeping up with the latest studies. If you remember, we mentioned these guys awhile back when they were still looking for study participants. All of our coaches are currently testing out Topical Edge.  Topical EDGE is the first and…

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Meet SETCR Ambassador Matt Britton

At the Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies, we’ve been working with Matt Britton, triathlete for Team Wattie Ink for over a year now. He’s been a fantastic ambassador for not only the training center, but also a great advocate for triathletes.  What is your primary discipline and category and how long have you…

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SETCR Spring Training Camp

This past weekend we hosted the first Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies Spring Training Camp. We ended up with two groups, and A and B group, both of which really put in some serious miles for the long, 4-day weekend.  The purpose of the camp was to provide attendees with the resources to…

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Meet SE Sponsored Team: Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team

Team name: Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team (formally Scout Cycling Team). Road Category 1 / 2. How long has the team been around?  This will be Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team’s 3rd season racing in the 1 / 2 field. What is your relationship with SE and SETCR? With Zack Allison as our team coach, he…

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Meet SE Ambassador Philip Tinstman

Phil Tinstman cycling

Philip Tinstman races just about everything: road, cyclocross, and MTB XC. We asked this long-time racer and SE Ambassador a few questions about cycling and this upcoming year:  How long have you been racing?  Began Racing road bikes at age 17 after transitioning from the MTB and BMX side of cycling. Had a long term…

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Meet SE Ambassador Chris DeMarchi

Chris DeMarchi Ironman Augusta

Chris DeMarchi is a successful Pro/1  road racer for Monster Media Racing. He is also a successful triathlete! We talked to him a bit about racing and cycling in general. How long have you raced in that discipline? Racing/riding in general? Been racing 25 years.  Seems like all my life  What do you like the…

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SETCR: Meet our Newest Partner, Samantha Welter

You start to grit your teeth.  A quick glance down hides the telling look in your eyes.  You start to squint, but not because of the sun’s rays streaming across the perfect blue sky.  30 miles in.  60 to go.  Keep pushing. Keep pedaling.  Pretend there isn’t a knife sticking in the side of your…

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