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Archive for June 2016

Rider Highlight: Brad Loyd wins Niwot Circuit Race

Brad Loyd began racing last year as a category 5 and has found great success, most recently winning the Niwot Circuit Race in Colorado! He’s been working with coach Zack Allison since the beginning of the year and is preparing to cat up to a cat 2. Name: Brad Loyd Event & Category: Niwot Circuit Race,…

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Male to Female, What’s the power difference on the bike?

We all know there are some wicked fast women bike racers. Watching the women’s races it can sometimes seem more explosive and aggressive than the men’s race. Similarly, as a cat 2-5, good luck holding to that Pro Women’s wheel when she really gets going. What is the real difference between men and women on the bike? If…

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Relative Efforts of the Breakaway vs. Sitting In the Peloton

Drafting is the fundamental building block upon which all road racing strategies and tactics are based.  That’s often an overlooked and underappreciated aspect of any race at every level of the sport.  Conversely, there is a definitive strategic advantage to having rider(s) up the road both tactically (they are in a position to win) and…

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Functional Threshold Power (FTP): What Can it Tell Us?

As a bike racer, or even a recreational rider, lactate threshold, commonly called functional threshold power, or FTP, is something you have almost surely heard about. A rider’s FTP is the maximum number of watts he or she can hold steadily for roughly an hour. While not precisely the same in terms of physiological definition,…

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Why midseason is the perfect time to hire a cycling coach

Mid-season. At this point, often the initial excitement of racing has worn off and you start to feel increasingly tired with each race. With several great events left you this season, you want to eek out everything you can without hating your bike by the end. Contrary to popular belief, mid-season is a perfect time…

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Athlete Highlight: Joseph Schmalz of Elevate Pro Cycling

Joseph Schmalz racing

Recently, we sat down and chatted with long-time Source Endurance athlete Joe Schmalz of Elevate Pro Cycling Team. Joe has a long background in cycling and has found great successes this season at the Pro Road Tour. He is also a great athlete to work with and an all around great guy. Tell us about…

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Tire pressure for criteriums and road races

What is the “best” tire pressure is a question that I get from about half my clients and the other half should be asking about tire pressure as they are likely just pumping up their tires to triple digits without thinking about other options. One answer to all of these questions is “it depends.” This…

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