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Archive for November 2015

Training Center of the Rockies December News Letter

Hey Northern Colorado, November was a big month for us! We saw many new faces and had our first snow. Here’s the highlights Some big classes with the time change, snow, and icy temperatures. We had a weight lifting for cyclists seminar. With presentation by our own Zack Allison covering relevant studies and form for…

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Zach McDonald Wins MFG Cyclocross Season Finale

Congratulations to Source Endurance athlete Zach McDonald on his win at the final race of the MFG Cyclocross Series in Seattle, WA! A race-long battle with former World and National Champion Russell Stevenson ultimately ended in victory for Zach after a slight bobble by Stevenson on a technical remount opened the door for ZmD on…

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Microbursts, Explained.

  Microbursts. Either you love them or you hate them. They help you reach a new level of physical fitness or they submarine your efforts and set you back a few days.  But any way you look at this workout, it is very difficult to execute and equally difficult to prescribe because of its complexity.…

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Source Endurance Training Center November Newsletter

Hey Fort Collins! Happy Halloween, hope you had a good extra hour of sleep with the time change. Unfortunately with that extra hour of sleep….as of today, November 1st, the sun sets at 4:57PM….. Not to fear the training center is going strong. Here is a picture of our current schedule. To sign up for…

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Reaching Peak Nutrition

Reaching Peak Nutrition Grant Harrison- Senior consultant, Source Endurance When we look at training and our overall functioning as an athlete, we can compare the way our body works to the way a flame works.  In order to have a flame, three components need to be present: heat, oxygen, and fuel. Our heat is the…

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