Brad Lloyd Circuit Race Win

Rider Highlight: Brad Loyd wins Niwot Circuit Race

Brad Loyd began racing last year as a category 5 and has found great success, most recently winning the Niwot Circuit Race in Colorado! He’s been working with coach Zack Allison since the beginning of the year and is preparing to cat up to a cat 2.

Name: Brad Loyd

Event & Category: Niwot Circuit Race, Cat 3

Brief event/course description: The course was 6 laps of a 6 mile route with a couple of rolling hills.  There was approximately 350 feet of elevation gain per lap.

How’d the race/event go down for you? 

On the second lap, there were a number of attacks that ended up splitting the group.  On that last 2 laps, my teammate Russ Patterson did a great job of keeping the pace high and keeping the lead group of approximately 15 riders clear.  On the last lap, Russ and a couple of other riders attacked over the last hill further dividing the group.  I was able to sprint for the win out of a group of approximately 10 riders at the end.  Hats off to Russ who rode a great race and was also able to finish strong at the end.
Which coach do you work with and how did your training help you prepare for the event?

Zack Allison.  I have worked with Zack since the beginning of the season.  Zack has been a fantastic coach, helping with both race strategy and training.  I have learned a ton and would highly recommend Zack and Source Endurance. 

What advice do you have for someone up and coming in your cycling discipline?

Have fun and get to know riders in the community.  If you are lucky enough to live in Fort Collins, hire Zack!  Also, make sure you attend group rides, watch how the rides unfold and ask questions at the end.  I have met a ton of great people through cycling and everyone has been incredibly helpful and friendly.  For me, the Fort Collins TTH ride is one of my favorites.  Everyone who rides it are great and I have made many great friends from riding it.

What is your next event?

Wheels of Thunder.

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