Tier 1- Comprehensive Custom Training Plan

$297.00 every 3 months and a $99.00 sign-up fee

Tier 1- Comprehensive Custom Training Plan is a great match for an athlete that craves a fully custom training plan but does not require regular feedback, data analysis, or updates to the training schedule. 

May be eligible for tax-free HSA/FSA reimbursement



This coaching package may be eligible for tax-free HSA/FSA reimbursement.

Tier 1 Coaching Service is for the athlete who desires performance improvement based upon the proven methodology at Source Endurance but not requiring the guidance and regular updates to his/her training schedule. Tier 1 Coaching Service begins with the client completing a field test or laboratory testing. Your training intensities will be based off this benchmark and your coach will develop a training program based on your lifestyle and training commitments. You will be encouraged to update and upload your training logs to your complimentary Training Peaks account throughout the training cycle. At the end of each training cycle, your coach initiate contact via email in order to obtain more feedback which will be used to build your next training cycle.


  • Admission to the Source Endurance Club at The Feed, with $80 annual credit
  • Online Training Log with Power and HR File Upload function
  • Power based and/ or Heart rate-based training
  • Custom built training schedule
  • Communication via email initiated following each training cycle
  • Nutritional evaluations with RD a-la carte
  • Does not include Training Peaks Premium


  • $99 Start Up Fee
  • $99 Per Month


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