Tier 4 coaching services

About Tier 4 Coaching Services

The Tier 4 Coaching Services is for the athlete who demands attention to fine detail on a daily basis. Tier 4 Coaching Service utilizes your coach’s knowledge of athletics and exercise physiology to eclipse all other services models by offering daily communication and the utmost attention to detail at all levels of sport, including but not limited to: lifestyle interactions and their effects on performance, preparation, training, racing, recovery, and race tactics.

The Tier 4 Package begins with a comprehensive initial assessment of your athletic history/background and includes analyzing all training files or logs. This will be followed with performance testing at one of our partnered modern laboratory facilities, compliments of Source Endurance. You are encouraged to update and upload your training logs and files daily to your complimentary Training Peaks Premier account. Following review of your daily training with respect to your goals (weekly, monthly, etc), your coach will be proactive in contacting you via phone or email and offer feedback regarding your recent training, upcoming races, and nutrition. Your coach may also adjust your schedule on a daily basis to help you to meet your daily and weekly goals and maximize your success.

Your coach will make every effort to schedule in-person meetings with you monthly (if you are local to your coach), or you will be given preferred scheduling priority when your coach is traveling to your area. Through this intense investment of time and energy, a unique coach-athlete partnership will develop and help you better emphasize your performance in all aspects of training, competition, nutrition, and lifestyle.


  • Free initial consultation and assessment of your athletic history
  • Complimentary testing at one of our partnered laboratory facilities
  • Free Premier Training Peaks Login
  • Online Training Log with Power and HR File Upload function
  • Power based and/ or heart rate-based training including file analysis
  • Twice weekly review of training log
  • Twice weekly feedback and communication via video conference, phone or email
  • Custom built training schedule, monitored and adjusted daily
  • Race briefing and debriefing
  • Monthly in person meetings and preferred scheduling priority for meetings
  • Discounted access to Skills Clinics
  • Nutritional evaluations with a-la carte
  • Preferred pricing on all Source Endurance retail products


  • $99 Start up fee
  • $400 Per Month